EDM Artists Helping Fight Worldwide Child Hunger

The Thank You Festival

Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Krewella, and Alvin Risk will join other EDM mainstays on June 26th to help conquer child hunger at the first-ever Thank You Festival in the Washington, D.C. area.  Presented in partnership with World Childhood Foundation, the multi-act event at Merriweather Post Pavilion will recognize the pivotal role of U.S. foreign aid in helping to cut global child deaths by nearly one-half since 1990, and will emphasize the topic of child survival and protection.

The ‘Thank You Festival’ will focus attention on the world’s children, asking leaders to not only ensure children survive beyond their first years, but also that they have an opportunity to thrive throughout their childhood to reach their development potential. The concert will also underscore the fact that today’s youth considers the wellbeing of children across the world to be a human rights imperative.

“To become a global citizen, we must extend our compassion beyond our borders. The United States has played a pivotal role in leading child survival and protection efforts worldwide and this event celebrates that,” said Hugh Evans, CEO of The Global Poverty Project. “But this is also a chance to educate the younger generation and motivate our leaders to act. The bottom line is increased investment in child survival initiatives could ensure that no child dies for the lack of a 30 cent vaccine.”

Globally renowned headliner Tiesto stated, “Through my work with the World Childhood Foundation, I’ve learned about the millions of kids who are battling abuse and even dying from diseases that have known cures. I hope all my fans will join me in working with these amazing organizations to help these children all around the world live and become healthy and strong so they can enjoy their childhoods.”

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, an Ambassador for World Childhood Foundation stated, “Every child deserves a happy childhood. Yet, children around the world still face insecurity in the form of abuse and sexual exploitation. Together we can help children live a childhood free from disease, violence and abuse on the path to a sustainable world without extreme poverty by 2030.”

Since 1990, U.S. aid dollars have helped to significantly reduce the number of children who die before their fifth birthday. U.S. aid funding has also helped to cut new polio cases from 1000 a day in 1990, to just 1 a day in 2013, preventing millions of children from becoming disabled. Despite the encouraging statistics, 6.6 million children under five still die each year, most from preventable causes. Children from all socioeconomic backgrounds continue to face challenges of exploitation and abuse, preventing them from having a happy and healthy childhood. Concertgoers can learn about the role the U.S. has played in helping to ensure children everywhere can live a healthy, full life by visiting globalcitizen.org.

Tickets to the ‘Thank You Festival’ are available at www.ticketfly.com. One hundred free tickets will be given away through globalcitizen.org, where fans can take “action” to encourage the United States government to continue its efforts to keep millions of children alive.

The ‘Thank You Festival,’ is named after World Childhood Foundation’s global initiative, Thank You by Childhood. The event builds on the success of the 2012 and 2013 Global Citizen Festivals on the Great Lawn in Central Park in New York City, and the Global Citizen Nights concert series, which launched in March 2013 with a concert by The Fray in Austin, TX.

This event is produced by AEG Live in partnership with Global Citizen and World Childhood Foundation. It is generously supported by the United Postcode Lotteries and Clear Channel, and is promoted in association with Glow Washington, DC.

For more information and a chance to win free tickets visit, visit www.globalcitizen.org/thankyou.

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Kaskade Announces 5K Run With Glow Necklaces Followed By EDM Concert

DJ Kaskade yesterday announced an interesting approach to a 5K run that seems influenced by The Color Run. There will be activities at the “pre-run plaza”, a 5K run in which costumes and glowsticks are encouraged and a concert to follow. Kaskade will run in the 5K in Denver and perform afterwards. Other U.S. cities will follow though it’s unclear who will perform at those locations…. (Full Article)

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Morrison, Colorado Showing Little Love for EDM

Folks in the town of Morrison, Colorado are up in arms about EDM – specifically the bass.  It seems concerts held at nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater are disrupting the beauty sleep of residents of the Rocky Mountains foothill community.
Morrison Mayor Sean Forey tells The Denver Post that it’s not so much what his constituents can hear but what they can feel.  Red Rocks has hosted a plethora of head-banging rock acts over the years, including the likes of Metallica, with no issues.  Mayor Forey says with EDM “This is something new and different than anything in the past.”
The reason is the ultra-low bass.  Frequencies of sound that occur at the lower end of the human hearing range and even below that number (generally cited as 20 Hertz) can cause nearby objects to resonate.  So, while these sounds often can’t be heard directly, they can often cause vibrations inside nearby homes.  Ordinances in Denver (that went into effect at the beginning of the year) requires that the average decibel level for a concert remains under 105 db.
The Global Dub Festival is around the corner at Red Rocks.  And…plenty of dub = plenty of bass.

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